About Augmented Ireland

The purpose of this website is to talk about all things Augmented Reality (AR). At its most basic, augmented reality involves the placing of interactive, digital information on a real world setting. There are of course more formal, academic definitions about AR which you can read about here.

Augmented Ireland was set up to help explore the potential behind that concept. If augmented reality can add a layer of digital information to the world around us, think how that could impact us all and how we go about our daily lives. There is simply no aspect of life which can’t be enhanced by the addition of relevant digital information. AR is the bridge between our reality and the digital world. As Christian Sandor of the Nara Institute in Japan said, true augmented reality where the digital can’t be distinguished from the physical, “will be the most powerful medium that humanity ever had at its disposal”.

That is why this website is an unashamed advocate for all things augmented reality. We want to talk about all the many different issues that are impacting on augmented reality and its growth around the world. We want to look at all the latest AR technology and developments. We will try to examine some of the companies involved in augmented reality and talk to the people behind them. Basically if something significant is happening in AR, Augmented Ireland will seek to cover it.

Overall we hope this website will provide a more thorough understanding of everything related to augmented reality.

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